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im gonna start making shirts like



not to mention


and then people at school wont know unless they are part of the fandom and then I will know who the real mates are.

wouldnt it be awesome?

it was all worth it.. 
Umm so my friend just sent me this…

Umm so my friend just sent me this…

Louis did you really have to squeeze Harry’s arm like that?



Those times when I just want to carry Louis Tomlinson in my pocket



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your thoughts on Louis tweeting support to that homophobe/wife-beater/all round shitty person, than following him on twitter?

I won’t make any excuses for him, but I am willing to give him the benefit of a doubt because he’s Louis, Louis. There are four possibilities (at least for me):

  1. He was watching Big Brother and maybe he finds Evander quite funny that’s why he was gutted. Maybe he expected someone else to go home (then he followed him on twitter right after the show without a clue of his homophobic ways). If this was the case, I hope he unfollows him/delete the tweet, or at least explain to his followers that he doesn’t know anything.
  2. He knows but he’s not familiar with the phrase, “think before you tweet”.
  3. After he tweeted “Casey or Lionel to win !! ”, he logged out of his account and someone who has an access to his twitter (you know) followed Evander. The question is, what’s the motive behind it? Is it a coincidence? Or is it because he followed a bunch of LA-based twitter accounts while people were speculating his whereabouts?
  4. Their management has a deal with BB and they’re tweeting on Louis’ account. For promo as always.

Obviously no one knows what happened except Louis. I hope this thing won’t blow out of proportion the next day though (I really hope so..)

"This Bed is Almost as Comfortable as You Are"

So the beautiful Smutlinson wrote this one shot for me some time ago and I never properly thanked her for it. It made me cry because I was just feeling so emotional at the time and reading it again has brought little tears to my eyes. So officially, thank you! It was so nice of you to do that for me, truly. Posting in celebration of Christmas Eve  Louis day!

-Sebbie xx

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Zourry harmony during Moments - @ the O2, 23/02/2013

This has to be one of Louis’ shining moments. Listen to how over powering he is. He’s gotten so much stronger vocally and honestly without him, I don’t think the choruses and harmonizing would be right. It wouldn’t sound right. His voice is so unique. It’s the ribbon that holds the wrapping together.

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i bet at least once when they were younger harry tried to be hot and grab louis’ suspenders and drag him towards him to make out, but he pulled too hard and they unclipped at the back and hit louis hard in the head and everything fell apart and was very not sexy

did something happen to louis?



I just feel so fucking mad and annoyed right now because Louis supported him during his time on X-Factor (XXX). Louis started acting like a ‘bitch’? WOW you basically insulted him and you’re telling me he’s just going to turn a blind eye on what you said? If I am Louis and I supported this person whom I believe is my friend, and this particular ‘friend’ starts talking shit about me just because his MUSIC is different from mine then wow don’t even talk to me don’t even touch me don’t even bat an eye on me! I just hate it. But don’t worry, members of the ‘boybands’ are throwing shade at him right now (Jaymi Hensley and George Selley just indirected James I love them). So don’t worry and let’s hope Louis is okay wherever he is right now.

- Ella xx


louis with a thigh tattoo that peeks out the bottom of his boxer briefs image