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What's your favorite Harry picture? :)


"I'm sorry" Lou whispered. Harry stood, looking into Lou's eyes. "Please don't, L-Lou, you-we can't give up." Haz stepped closer to him. "Not now, not after everything. Please." Lou couldn't take his eyes off the ground, he couldn't look in Haz's eyes, because he knew if he did he'd get lost in Haz's eyes &drown. "I'm really sorry, I just- I can't." Lou mumbled. Haz grabbed Lou's face into his hands and fiercely kissed him, he pulled back and rested him forehead on his "Stay." That's all it took

I hate this blog I'm dying my chest hurts. I hate larry what have I done to deserve this I WANT A NORMAL LIFE.

I swear if I'm not on tumblr 24 hours a day I miss everything, Wtf happened today???

Okay so there has been a lot of speculation that Louis was in LA with Harry all along (he was spotted in Blackburn for the Doncaster Rovers’ Match last 1.11.14 but he was MIA again after that) but we never discussed it until 5SOS posted this keek three days ago where you can hear Louis’ voice: (link) Also some interesting coincidences:

  • Harry shopping 1.13.14 (x/x)
  • Harry posted a picture on instagram with the caption “Egg off”. 1.14.14 (x
  • Harry received something from an artist in London 1.15.14 (x/x)
  • Also these two are very interesting (x/x)

Take it as you will. :)

If Louis is really in LA right now, Louis could've been the one who brought Harry that artists book from the UK!!!!!!!!

Everytime I listen to "Double Rainbow" by Katy Perry I can't help thinking about Larry, because I think that song fits perfect to them I imagine them singing it to each other :') You should listen it and tell what you think (:


Cause I understand you, we see eye to eye

Like a double rainbow in the sky

And wherever you go, so will I

'Cause a double rainbow is hard to find

To the bottom of the sea, I’d go to find you

Climb the highest peak to be right beside you

Every step I take, I’m keeping you in mine

I believe, with 100% of my being, that Harry has a pain kink. He can probably cum just from Louis spanking him, pulling his hair, and biting his nipples -or just SEEING Louis get out the paddle and nipple clamps

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Do you know Owl City's 'If My Heart Was a House'? The song just seems fitting (you know, in light of recent events) if you've heard it, please please please cry with me


but seriously tho lou and harry are little shits like do they really think we can handle all these matching tattoos that matches a song that Louis mother fucking tomlinson wrote

MY HANDS YOUR HANDS TIED UP (knotted rope tat) LIKE TWO (SHIP tat) DRIFTING WEIGHTLESS (anchor tat) WAVES TRY TO BREAK IT (broken rope tat)

if management doesn't let them show any kind of affection towards each other and they're supposed to hate each other how can they be so obvious about these tattoos? it's like how can anybody doubt it? you can't think that harry went and got an anchor tattoo on his wrist and didn't think about louis' rope tattoo also on his wrist. they're smart they know exactly what they're doing.


I love you bc larry omf fangirl with me


louis has a compass on his upper arm harry has a ship on his upper arm louis has rope on his wrist harry has a anchor im not making this up HARRY GOT AN ANCHOR TATTOO THE SAME PLACE LOUIS HAS HIS ROPE TATTOO. WHAT ATTACHES THE ANCHOR TO THE BOAT? A ROPE!!!